Established in November 2012 and operated by (US) Inc., GameFuse is a new online gaming destination which offers free-to-play online games that connects mid- to hard-core gamers in a fun, competitive and immersive experience. Currently in beta stage, the online portal offers a number of high quality free-to-play games and will soon expand its portfolio.

Renaissance Heroes

Renaissance Heroes is an all-new online multiplayer first-person shooter set in a beautifully re-imagined 16th century Renaissance Europe powered by the advanced Unreal Engine. Renaissance Heroes offers the fast-paced combat of classic multiplayer shooters coupled with easy accessibility for a new generation of gamers.

Sword Girls

Sword Girls is an online collectible card game which features a revolutionary card crafting system. With over 500 unique cards, 200 dungeon levels and new cards added weekly, it is undoubtedly one of the most alluring games of all time.

Dragon Oath

Dragon Oath is a MMORPG set in ancient China during the time of the Song Dynasty. Players take part in captivating quests that tell the tale of warriors and diplomats from this time period. So journey back in time and be the warlord of ancient China!